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Photo du jour: Westmount newspaper Man

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Newspaper boxes may be illegal in Montreal but, being a separate municipality, Westmount has them all over the place.  Good luck finding any newspaper that isn’t The Gazette on the corner though.

Photo taken October 1, 2007



  1. That drawing looks like the product of a disturbed mind.

  2. Zie Gazette. Daß Montrealrhödesishe Zeitung.

  3. The women walking is a good stereotype of the remaining readers of The Gazette. Not sure how long Canwest will be able to keep it alive with the growing power of Internet News.

  4. Love the picture! This looks like it’s taken near my condo, near Westmount Park right?

    How come newspaper boxes are illegal? While I do get most of my news online, I still actually buy my Saturday Gazette from one of these boxes near my place (and I’m nowhere near as old as the woman in this pic).

    I love the Saturday Gazette, mainly because of all the crosswords, but also because of some of the other features.

  5. Formidable, Jean réussit à insulter à la fois les lecteurs de The Gazette (pas ma source d’actu. de préférence, mais bon) ainsi que les germanophones. Une remarque qui révèle bien sa caractère mais mal le contenu de l’article. Pour ceux qui ne lisent pas l’allemand, il a essayé dire “The Gazette – Le journal rhodésien de Montréal”. Y a-t-il un minimum de contrôle qualité des commentaires?


    Wow, Jean manages to insult anyone who reads the Gazette AND German speakers at the same time. Don’t you love it when a comment says more about the person who made it than the subject itself? (Actually, it’s annoying). (For those who don’t read German, he has tried to say – The Gazette-Montréal’s Rhodesian Newspaper). Isn’t there any quality control in the comment section?

  6. It looks like any kid’s drawing. It was probably made by an 8 year old kid. Or by any Montreal graffiti vandal. The mental age is the same anyway.

  7. I kind of like the Rhodesia comment. This Canadian of french ancestry likens himself to a native african enslaved by british colonials. Of course there is the detail that his ancestors were colonial, and not native. But. If we follow his analogy with Rhodesia, this oppressed majority of descendants of French colonists should rise up and take control of the country. Within years, we can expect a powerful franco warlord to become a feared and powerful dictator, who will expropriate all the descendants of English colonists and make the entire land property of his people. Of course, within twenty years the country will be a wasteland and hyperinflation will take away any incentive resourceful citizens had to do productive work. At least the population of english colonial exploiters will have dwindled to nothing, and the french will have the right to lynch a few of them every so often, as they please.

    Let me read my Gazette in piece, Naimard.

  8. It’s repulsive vandalism. And you’re objectifying the woman.

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