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  1. There is a lovely little pocket park on the avenue de Gaspé (west) side of the church.

    The parvis is very nice; Tomás Jensen gave a great concert there some years back on la Fête nationale.

    I love rue de Castelnau. Lived on a corner of it for years. There is also an Arab (mostly Lebanese) Orthodox church, St. Nicolas, at the corner of St Dominique, and farther east, an English-speaking Catholic church (Holy Family, like the former school that is now a community centre I’m involved in), a rather ugly postwar structure – I forgot why the original church was demolished – but that always has ardent pleas for brotherhood: for peace in several languages at the height of the Iraq war, for “respect your neighbour’s religion” after the reasonable-accomodation kerfuffle. There are at least a couple of so-called “storefront” churches left too.

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