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Place Albert-Duquesne : In Memoriam

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Place Albert-Duquesne


In Memoriam

I actually do not know how to feel about these trees that were chopped down a few weeks ago to make space for a section of the Quartier des spectacles. I am perhaps arguably one of the Spacing Montreal bloggers with the most love for concrete, but this massive tree-cutting really carved out a noticeable chunk of my city – so does the rest of this Quartier des spectacles. I hope that in ten, twenty years, we’ll have a new generation of trees growing in this square.



  1. So sad, this place was beautiful at this time of year…

  2. Apparently the trees were cut down at the crack of dawn on easter monday. Its still unclear what is supposed to take the place of this once beautiful park in the center of the downtown. A new open and public architectural masterpiece would be good. A parking lot or a stage for the jazz fest would be bad bad bad.

  3. as usual, the city talks nice about green, but there’s a hardcore group that thinks cutting trees down is the best thing for us. In plain english, they’ve got some chainsaws and they’re gonna use them.

  4. Shame on the people who decided that this should be done!

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