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Photo du jour : Snake and ladder (staircase)

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Snake and ladder (staircase)

Snake and ladder (staircase) - Montreal Chinatown

Graffitists with a sense of humour or patronized art? It was seen last Sunday in Montreal Chinatown. I don’t think it was there last Fall – which may be confirmed by the signature that reads: “Bonom – 2009”.



  1. They made it to transform all the ugly tags into art. My mom had a similar idea for her house (not in Canada). We haven’t done it though.

  2. I applaud this. Montreal tags are definitely the ugliest of all the cities I have been to. It seems to me that vandals here make tags in order to uglify instead of just promoting their name in the vandalism community as they do in other cities. We need art in order to fight the eyesores made by people with no talent and no brains…

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