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DARE-DARE: Urban art in the making

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Urban art in the making, Ste-Cath / Lambert-Closse

Seen on the corner of Ste-Catherine and Lambert-Closse, just one block east of the Pepsi Forum / AMC building. It’s still one of the remarkably depressing stretches of Ste-Catherine West, between Westmount and the new vibrant Concordiatown.

It was only after a bit of research and connecting the dots between DARE-DARE posters I saw during my walk and the Photo du jour post that my Spacing colleague Alanah wrote the day after that I realized that this was part of the said Dare-Dare Off-Biennale.

I presume that on the previous picture, it was Emily Lewis working on her Urban Growths.

Just a few steps towards rue Chomedy, there was more art by Pascaline Knight:

Terminus Atwater

(More pictures under the cut)

Assise sur un banc, Plaza Alexis-Nihon

Terminus Atwater

By Pascaline

Photos taken on May 23rd, 2009.


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  1. The other day I biked through the area. Despite being in the neighbourhood almost everyday throughout the winter, I don’t think I once passed du Fort after DARE-DARE moved in. The other day I biked through and the change they’ve brought to the neighbourhood was amazing! The Parc Sans Nom seemed to be a better fit for DARE-DARE but Square Cabot is benefiting much more than north Mile End ever did!

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