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Memories of Angels DVD Giveaway

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Last year, this blog hosted a vibrant conversation about Memories of Angels – Luc Bourdon’s impressionistic black and white film-portrait of Montreal

Now, the film is out on DVD. The first 3 commenters on this post will receive a free DVD. Just make sure you leave your email address and we’ll be in touch.

Here’s the film description:

Documentary, poetry and essay, Luc Bourdon’s The Memories of Angels is an assembly of clips from 120 NFB films. The director revisits the Montreal of the ’50s and ’60s with its famous figures, symbolic places and residents.

Watch the trailer:

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  1. I saw it when it was showing at Cinema du Parc not long ago and was pretty impressed. It would be a good film to project on the side of the Palais des Congrès ;-)

  2. I missed out on seeing it at Cinema du Parc (or was it Ex-Centris), hopefully I’ll get a chance by DVD!

  3. “La mémoire des anges” is Bourdon’s love letter to Montreal, not some nostalgic ode to times gone by. It is a delight to watch, whether you grew up in Montreal or just moved here recently. During the premiere he talked at length about the painstaking work involved in creating the documentary, and how much more material is still to be unearthed in the various archives of the city. Hopefully other documents such as this one will appear in the following years.

  4. Yé! Je suis très heureux de pouvoir réécouter avidement ce film
    que j’avais évité d’abord à cause du titre
    (une vielle habitude, je me méfie des titres contenant le mot ange).

    Un bon film à écouter dans une caverne sous le mont Royal.

  5. Awesome, I really wanted to see this movie when it came out.

  6. I absolutely love this film. It’s cinematically interesting and a really lovely blend of urban history and nostalgia.
    The conversation that switches from French to English and back both within and between films is fascinating.

  7. Uh oh… looks like some of these were stuck in moderation for a while… Anyway, first three will get an email. Thanks!

  8. Can the people rent this movie quelque part?

  9. Kyle, you can certainement rent it from the NFB-ONF itself! You can emprunter des films from the ONF on St-Denis and de Maisonneuve at a very reasonable coût, like a regular videoclub.

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