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Marché Adonis, boulevard Des Sources

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Adonis Supermarché

Si vous aviez à aller en randonnée dans le West Island, le Supermarché Adonis sur le boulevard Des Sources (Google Maps) est une destination architecturale à ne pas manquer.

L’organisme Créativité Montréal a d’ailleurs un article sur le Supermarché Adonis (avec de superbes photos):

L’architecte Raouf Boutros a voulu recréer ici l’ambiance d’un marché traditionnel en plein air, d’où l’idée de ce toit incliné flottant au-dessus d’une généreuse fenestration qui fait directement face au boulevard des Sources et donne vue sur un jardin potager plutôt que sur un stationnement. Cette transparence se prolonge à l’intérieur par une mezzanine suspendue, qui traverse le marché abritant bureaux et espaces casse-croûte, et par l’usage de matériaux clairs, transparents et colorés. Poutrelles bleues, parois de verre jaune, panneaux terracotta, conduits verts, l’impact visuel est fort, seule la signalétique manque de dynamisme.

Pour moi, ce sont les grandes fenêtres et les longues lignes du bâtiment qui m’impressionnent. C’est sans oublier l’aire de stationnement qui compte également ces lampadaires en grappes, qui vous rappelleront peut-être un verger électrique…

Adonis Supermarché

Adonis Supermarché

Voici aussi un coup d’oeil de ces lampadaires, la nuit venue.



  1. Love it! More so for the products than the architecture, but I will try to notice it more next time I go (actually I go to the other one near l’Acadie in VSL).

  2. This is the second awesome supermarket from Adonis. When you consider how many times we see lame architectural responses to the challenge of medium-scale commercial projects on busy streets, it’s an even more impressive accomplishment.

    Props to the ownership for hiring real architects, and props to Boutros + Pratte for designing an unapologetically contemporary building that succeeds as well as it does.

  3. I didn’t even know they had one on Sources; I always go to the one on l’Acadie. Their new building there must be by the same architect. I like the blending of modern skin with old world food. But I hate that the only way to get there is by car.

  4. I know, Leila. My dream come true would be a smaller Adonis downtown (or somewhere nearby!). I’ve been wishing for that for over a decade now (especially since I sold my car).

  5. It depends where you live. I was at Marché central and the Acadie/Sauvé Adonis yesterday (I live near Jean-Talon market). Avenue Querbes in Parc-Extension crosses boulevard Métropolitain; and is safer than St-Laurent or boulevard de l’Acadie.

    But Marché central is horrifically car-centred, although there is now bicycle parking. Several cars honked at me though I was strictly respecting traffic rules. Rather ironic that Mountain Equipment Co-op decided to set up there; its Ottawa and Québec City locations are in much more pedestrian and cyclist-friendly spots.

    This new Adonis is an unusually beautiful supermarket, though I’m very unlikely to get out to boulevard des Sources as I have no reason to go there, and the original supermarket is much closer for me.

  6. I was wondering if one day they can open a store in Vancouver B.C. i went to Montreal for 4 days in those days i went to Adonis 3 times,we need a store like that………we have 2 very small store in B.C, sometimes the stuff is expired so we don’t trust it to buy from them .please consider on open one….
    Thank you

  7. I have been shopping at your store for years because of it’s quality and prices.I am very disappointed in the changes of both prices and quality.I am not surprised that the parking lot is now very accessible due to reduced clientele.I hope you go back to your old way of operating otherwise I will also be an ex client.Thank you for your attention  

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