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Photo du jour : Goodnight Stevie!

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Feu d'artifice - Place des spectacles

They celebrated the Place des festivals’ inauguration with a great Stevie Wonder outdoor performance and some downtown fireworks… In fact, I thought it was a little unusual to launch fireworks in the city, especially with a few somewhat tall buildings in the surroundings (which reminded me of what happened in Beijing last Chinese New Year around).

In any case, it was well-controlled, and quite a sight from where I was located. Smoke then quickly seeped through the neighbouring streets, like fog:

Foggy? It's fireworks in the city...



  1. Glad the concert went well, but I was extremely annoyed to hear it where I live, near Durocher and Saint-Viateur. Come on, can’t they control the sound better? To say nothingn of fireworks past midnight.

    Noise is developing into the elephant in the room when we talk about density and liveable cities. Some noise is unavoidable, but the constant roar of the machines we use to cool and ventilate are not good for our health: see the May issue of Québec Science. And amplified music and speech should be conotrolled. It is far too easy to crank up the sound now, so that one group’s celebration becomes a considerable nuisance for others

    That said, get out and enjoy the little sun we have this morning!


  2. Just thought I’d add that it seems they fixed the sound-carrying problem later in the jazz fest. I have no idea how the shows sounded on the site, but after about the third night we didn’t hear them in our neighborhood any more. Thanks to whomever looked after that.


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