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Cycling in Copenhagen in the 1970s

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We only occasionally feature articles about other cities here at Spacing Montreal, so I thought readers might enjoy a few of these classic photos of cyclists in Copenhagen. They are taken by a family member while visiting back in the 1970s. Above is Norreport station, which even before Copenhagen began creating its impressive bike infrastructure, was busy with bicycles. Today, there are thousands more parked there. For those interested in what the Danish capital has done recently for cycling, Spacing publisher’s Matt Blackett recently posted an article on their bike lanes and other nifty innovations after a recent visit.


I can’t tell if this woman has a smaller child on her front rack, too, or if it’s some other cargo. For those who enjoy photos of people riding bicycles without sacrificing their sense of fashion, check out Copenhagen Cycle Chic.


I just think this photo is too charming not to be included.

All photos by Ron Kushiner



  1. Lovely! I’m a regular reader of and – as well as from the OTHER cycling capital of the (Western) world. Mikael (Copenhagen) and Marc (Amsterdam) have a bit of a good-natured rivalry and have visited each other’s cities and cycled them together. Note that my website listed is – mostly an archive of the old Le Monde à bicyclette urbanecological-cyclists association, but some of us do update it from time to time.

    My bicycle is a mixte from the 1970s, as the woman with a child behind her (can’t see who or what is in front of her either) is riding, but I’d love to have a full chainguard and skirt/coat guard as in the front bottom bicycle!

  2. This reminds me on the Jan Gehl lecture I saw a few weeks ago at McGill! If you’re interested in this, I highly recommend reading ‘Life Between Buildings’. Montreal can definitely take a few notes on his urban form theories and incremental implementation of new developments.

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