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Turcot, the United Nations and Climate Change

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Looking forward to winter smog? (courtesy of the Meteorological Service of Canada)

This week at the UN headquarters in New York, the highest level climate change negotiations are under way, but are in risk of being stalled, according to the NY Times. I mention this because 1. it’s big news for every city around the world; and 2. there are events planned in Montreal to encourage Canadian negotiators to conclude a binding agreement. In fact, the Global Climate Wake-Up planned by is 2300 events in 130 countries.

One event that will be of interest to many Spacing readers is the flash mob planned in the shadow of the Turcot Interchange organized by the group Turcot FLASH. The event calls for the MTQ to reduce the car capacity of the Turcot in a step in decreasing the greenhouse gases associated with transportation, the only sector in Canada in which the amount of CO2 is actually increasing.

The event will take place at 5:15 PM on Monday Sept 21 at St. Jacques and Prudhomme, near Vendome Metro.


  1. 17h15. Way to go guys! Way to make sure the poor drones who work 9 to 5 will be able to attend and participate!

    Swell works, guys!

  2. Winter smog is caused by wood stoves and not cars, good reporting job Jacob!

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