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  1. the other way you know it’s winter: doors froze shut on an AMT commuter train this morning….

    ahhh, my city.

  2. Mike: I hear Australia doesn’t get all that much snow around the coast… =0)

  3. Technically the second snow. Just the first to have stayed on the ground for any length of time.

  4. Denis, Australia is alas very cycling-unfriendly, so not much point in beautiful warm weather. We have every right to dislike winter. There are lots of other things I like about Montréal, from the qualitative leaps in our cycling culture to the rich cultural offering to the métro and hopefully soon a return to tram lines (there is one point in Toronto’s favour – they have kept at least most of their streetcar lines). And despite recent speculative bubbles housing remains cheaper than in most comparable cities and makes it possible for us arty types to eke out a living although our income is irregular, in fits and starts.

    Fortunately the damned stuff melted for the moment… Reprieve!

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