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Photo du jour : bagel shop

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Fairmount Bagels - December 2009

Fairmount Bagel, sur l’Avenue Fairmount Ouest, entre Clark et St-Urbain. Alors, c’est Fairmount ou St-Viateur pour vous les bagels? Cette fois, ça aura été Fairmount pour moi. Photo prise le 28 décembre 2009.



  1. Fairmount are softer, more moist than St Viateur in my opinion, so I prefer the latter. However, Brossard Bagel on the South Shore tops both in my experience.

  2. st-viateur may be trendier but fairmount makes tastier bagels, imo

  3. St-Viateur font des bagels moins sucrés qui ont des arômes plus prononcés de bois. Ils sont meilleurs à mon avis ;)

  4. I’m a Fairmount fan — I like ’em sweeter and softer. But I, too, have found an alternative I prefer: R.E.A.L. However, any version while hot is better than another version cold, until they’re toasted up again and become so delicious. Aaaah, I love Montreal!

  5. I have heard many a fight about this, and even started a few myself. From my perspective, Fairmount sold out the cause when they expanded their selection beyond the standard white/black seed varieties.

    I think that any true Montrealer has strong opinions on the subject. A friend of mine was once really desperate for work in LA and applied for an opening in a bagel store. They asked her what she knew about bagels and she replied “I’m from Montreal. I KNOW bagels.”

    On another occasion, a friend was visiting us from NYC and our taxi drove by Fairmount Bagel. Our friend noticed the sign and asked “Is that where they make those famous Montreal bagels?” Before my wife (who is a St. Viateur Bagel partisan) could say anything, the cab driver replied: “NO! Those are not the real Montreal bagels. Only St. Viateur bagels!”

    And the best one ever, from a friend who is a philosophy professor: “There are some things in the world for which objective truth can be known. That St Viateur bagels are superior is one of them.”

  6. It’s St-Viateur that’s sold out, selling itself at every provigo in town like some lady-of-the-afternoon, elle se trouve complètement vidé de son cachet.

  7. I don’t think the best bagel debate is between St.Viateur and Fairmont. I have found the winner of Montreal’s best bagel. It is by far Mount Royal Bagel that is home to the most delicious, incredible, mouth watering, soft and chewy Montreal bagel. These do more than justice to the Montreal bagel. It’s a shame this place isn’t as well known as the others and they should be, because we all deserve to experience nothing but the finest, most superior bagel yet. They are located @ 709 Lucerne in TMR..and if your living elsewhere, you can order them by calling their toll free #( 1-877-LEBAGEL) It’s so catchy and they are doing the best possible service for us bagel lovers.

  8. Completely and utterly agree with above commenter. The best bagels in Montreal are found at Mount Royal Bagel Bakery.

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