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Photo du Jour – After the “Bomb”

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This is not a bomb

A couple of ladies lounge outside Café Cleopatra on a Sunday afternoon beside a fresh mural by Zilon et Seaz’s that homage to Cleo’s.

Somebody is eager to see this block reduced to rubble.

That’s what crossed my mind when I heard the announcement for an event called “bombe sur la Main” which took place last Friday night on a block of the Lower Main that has been slated for demolition.

36 graffiti artists were invited to decorate the abandoned facades of properties recently purchased by Société de Développement Angus. Ok, I know “bombing” is supposed to be a cool graffiti slang word – in French bombe refers to the cans of spray paint used by graffiti artists, and in English “bombing” is the act of covering a neighbourhood with signature graffiti.

The “bombing” event was organized by the Corporation de développement urbain du Faubourg Saint-Laurent and the Partenariat du Quartier des spectacles, in order to temporarily spruce up the centennial buildings while the developer scrambles to figure out a plan B for the properties.

I don’t mean to knock an initiative to create visibility for some of our most talented local mural artists. But I can’t shake the feeling that the organizers would rather see this block hit by the wrecking ball…

More info in La Presse.


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  1. Bombing the airport might be a good idea too! (bad combo of words) but ya too much ugly gray concrete around the airport that would defenitely some nice colour and design with good taste and historical oriented would be cool. It would def make the city even more inviting to those coming from abroad!

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