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Jump on da Bixi

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Melbourne. London. Hip Hop videos. Bixi, the homegrown sensation, seems to be popping up everywhere.
(Well, everywhere except NDG, Parc-Extension, North of the 40, l’Est de l’Île … but those places don’t really count, do they?)

Music video : The Bixi Anthem, by Da Gryptions



  1. I can’t get on board with the vid (sorry Da Gryptions) but it is great to see people singing the praises of BIXI. BIXI is completely deserving of the praise!

    @ Émile

    BIXI is having trouble enough dealing with the popularity of the current setup. Give them time, I’m sure that they will expand next year to more far-flung boroughs. Prematurely expanding- withought fully understanding the repercussions- would have spelled disaster, and the inevitable bitching about everything that Montrealers are so famous for.

    The problem these days- as I see it- is that we expect everything to be immediately all-encompassing, immediately done-set-BOOM! This is the first time that real bikeshare has been tried in North America- we’re already light years ahead of anyone else- give the BIXI crew time to do it right. I think that they’ve done a fantastic job so far, don’t you?

  2. after reading the Bixi annual report last month, I came to the conclusion that Bixi service is going to get a lot worse, not better. Right now there are 2-3 users per Bixi, by next year they are predicting ten users per Bixi! This is not going to be a good thing, but since the Stationnement de Montreal runs the Bixi system, I’m not really surprised.

  3. This is awesome! Since I started to use the bixi my oun bicycle is just sitting at the back. Bixi is the best!

  4. Hey Montreal, don’t complain! Bixi’s delayed until next summer in Toronto, and will be implemented with 1/3 of Montreal’s first year. Well, as an ex-Montrealer, I can tell you that’s Toronto: less imagination, less public-funding (unless for Opera Houses or other sport of the wealthy).

    The video? Hope the dudes have tongue in cheek… but she’s cute.

  5. Love Bixi, but the gratuitous use of Autotune™ is not the first thing that comes to mind when I’m riding.

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