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Photo du jour : Good question…

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Scrawled on an STM info panel at the Pierrefonds/Roxboro train station: “Does anyone take this bus?”

On a similar topic, Jason Prince ponders how bus transit could be tweaked to win over West island commuters. But the comments point out the obvious difficulties with transit in low-density suburbs: people have complex trips (dropping off the kids; picking up groceries after work, etc), an increasing number of suburb-to-suburb commutes makes it near impossible to create direct routes, and it often requires a car to get to the transit terminus in the first place.

No wonder this West Island bus stop looks a little forlorn.

Photo courtresy of Kellergraham.



  1. I grew up in roxboro, spent 20 years there.

    and only ever rode the 206 twice, is that the route in question?

    the 205 was slow

    the 68 was overcrowded

    the 208 made an incredibly loopy route through dollard. the 209 went to dorval…errr. not the airport, the train station and was totally pointless.

    so i just took the train downtown instead of taking a bus to fairview. 

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