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Photo du jour : The Joy of Cycling

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The Joy of Cycling

Airside is a British creative agency working across the disciplines of graphic design, illustration, digital, interactive, and moving image.

« The Joy of Cycling » was a concept proposed to Transport for London for their winter cycling campaign. It is a take on the classic 70’s illustrated sex manual, The Joy of Sex. Rugged men, sultry women, and all that facial hair – Montréal, this winter, let’s turn this biking fantasy into reality.



  1. I bike every winter, but that poster makes me not want to.

  2. @J-P: True, that bearded guy up top looks like he’s working really hard (does London even have any hills that would require such an effort?)

    Also, lot’s of info that’s slightly off: finger-less gloves for winter riding? Lights on your bike are to be seen, not to see (I’m pretty sure London’s well-lit at night), and reflective clothing is only useful to a point. And is he lubricating his inner tube valve???

    Anyway, fun to see – thanks Emile!

  3. Wonderful conceptual starting point but the helmets and reflective clothing promotion is a big turn off.

  4. great way to turn a healthy fun activity into one popular with creepy looking bearded dudes.

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