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Watch NFB: Highrise/Out My Window, a 360° interactive documentary about vertical living

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Editor: Spacing is pleased to announce we’re resuming our partnership with the National Film Board of Canada to showcase films and interactive projects from their online screening room. Julie Matlin of the NFB will be occasionally posting films here on Spacing that explore public spaces, Canadian or international cities and anything urban. The NFB is one of Canada’s greatest resources. Click here to view their entire online collection.

Out My Window is a new interactive web documentary from the NFB’s Highrise project that explores the state of our planet by taking you inside the apartments of 49 people from 13 cities… and letting you look out their window. It’s one of the world’s first interactive 360° documentaries and it offers a wildly different perspective on our urban spaces. It’s also very, very cool.

Once on the site, click on any window to enter an apartment and take a tour. Once inside, you can click on people or objects to get more information. The photography is stunning and the stories compelling. It’s a whole new way to see the world.

For more on the project itself, read a guest post by director Kat Cizek on the NFB blog and visit the Highrise website.


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  1. NFB needs to allow direct access to specific panoramic views otherwise people won’t wait for the horrific download times. A simple, very obvious “Which panorama do you want to view” on the main page would help a lot. This is basic user interaction stuff – I’m sure the creators were chuffed at the results of their project but if it takes 5 minutes to get to a page where navigation is confusing, well…
    I’m on a *very* fast cable connection and wondered where the link was taking me for literally minutes.
    Do the “artistes” take technological criticism well?
    I love the concept, it’s great.

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