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  1. Comme l’hôpital de Mc Gill ménage Westmount et fait passer les camions dans NDG, ceux de ce projet éviteront Outremont et TMR pour être concentrés vers le voisin pauvre Parc-Extension.

  2. How is this project going to seriously affect Park Extension? There are train tracks in the way!

    And if TMR hasn’t pushed up rents in Park Ex, I don’t think a new campus will be able to do that. Also, people who get off at Edouard-Montpetit for their classes might already have apartments close to Parc or Acadie metro stations, since it’s quite close to school and anything near E-M metro is quite expensive.

  3. C’est vrai, Alain. Dès le printemps on aura 15 camions de terre contaminé passant à travers Parc-Extension… par heure !

  4. Naftee, there is no university campus in TMR bringing in 10,000 students per day (as projected in the U de M plans for the train yards). There is a growing student population in Park-Extension, in part because of the proximity to the Metro blue line, and they are already putting upwards pressure on rents in the area. The project will bring in many more, who will access the campus from a projected tunnel under the tracks linking the campus to the Acadie station.

    You can check out the Citizens’ Committee press release from before the vote at There will likely be another one, post-vote.

  5. L’Université de Montréal pourra enfin mériter son vrai nom: «Université d’Outremont». La seule chose est que les diplômés ne pourront plus clamer qu’ils sont allés chercher leur savoir sur une montagne…

  6. It seems that every single project in Montreal wherever it is and whatever its side will bring significant opposition and take 3 times as long to complete as it should. I think the only place I’ve lived (lived in quite a few) which is just as bad is San-Francisco.

    God, I know change is hard, but bringing money into a neighborhood, which is what this is. How can this be bad. Universities bring life, energy, around a place; its one of Montreal’s main assets. Its not the sleepy suburbs, but should it be. There are two metro stations nearby, and bus lines, why would students go there by car anyway, I wouldn’t. Rents will go up…

    Have you seen the rental stock in park extension, much of it is overpriced and plain terrible. If you want cheap rent in a decent neighborhood, go in the neighborhood along the 67 bus line above the metropolitain (that’s were I live, its the nice part of st-michel, along Pie IX, not so nice :-) a 5 1/2 for 650$ in a duplex is frequent and these places are actually nice and well taken care of with the owner living downstairs.

  7. Good luck for this project. There is a serious shortage of cash and labour in this city and it will take a miracle to complete.

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