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FAVOURITE FRIDAY: What is your favourite pedestrian bridge?


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Across the Spacing urban blog network each week we’re asking our readers in Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal, Otttawa, and the Atlantic cities to let us know their favourite things about their respective city.

THIS WEEK: What is your favourite pedestrian bridge(s) in Montreal?

If possible, please provide a link to a photo you are commenting about. We suggest using Flickr as the photographers that use this site usually provide the best quality images (and often with creative commons usage). And if you really want to be helpful you can provide a link to the work’s location on Google Maps (please use a or URL so we don’t get horribly long links that Google provides).

Lachine Canal Bridge photo by Doug


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  1. I have to go with the half-demolished elevated footbridge that connects Parc-Ex with Jarry Park. I think it represents how planners use to think about reconnecting neighbourhoods that were pulled apart as a result of major transport infrastructure (in this case the AMT deux-montagnes line). Anyway, elevated walkways like this, I think we have finally concluded, are not the way to create connections, and it seems the city agrees, with new at-grade pedestrian crossings into Jarry Park. But they have, however, decided to leave this monument of 70s planning, in a dismantled state to remind us of planning-gone-wrong … or cuz they ran out of money?!

    See Spacing’s own article:

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