Watch NFB: Territories

Editor: Spacing is pleased to continue our partnership with the National Film Board of Canada to showcase films and interactive projects from their online screening room. Julie Matlin of the NFB will be occasionally posting films here on Spacing that explore public spaces, Canadian or international cities and anything urban. The NFB is one of Canada’s greatest resources. Click here to view their entire online collection.

Over the weekend, in conjunction with Le Devoir, we launched a new interactive site called Territories. The project is a visual essay that explores urban landscapes and records the passage of time and the encroachment of consumption on these spaces.

New urban landscapes are part of our lives – we travel through them on our way to work, we do our shopping in them, some of us even choose to live in them. For this project, photographer Tristan Fortin Le Breton went to the fringes of recent urban developments. He discovered that “poetry resonated in these spaces as they lay, lacking a clear purpose, awaiting imminent development.”

Check out the interactive project and let us know what you think in the comment section below.


  1. I’m amazed.
    The pictures, graphical design, sound and structure of this project are so efficiant. Even better, we’re talking about real sh**, no fiction there…


  2. One of the most depressing photo essays I have ever seen. Is the hman species the worst that has ever inhabited the planet or not. Folly squared.

  3. In the context of Rudyard Kipling, we who were born in the forties were/are definitely ‘The Sons of MARY.’

    Thank You.

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