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  1. In October of 2011 I was lucky enough to go and visit a new concert hall in Marseille called the Silo. I was surprised how they had taken a old grain silo and transformed it into a great concert and special event hall.

    Why not do the same type of changes to our sleeping beauty ?

  2. This contribution should be drawn to the attention of every editorial writer in Montreal. Excellent article. The website of the building is very informative. It doesn’t say what has been done with the higher parts of the building. Worth more research.

  3. Silo # 5… re: Subject: Élévateurs à grains_ Concours 2010

    .Sam Stein, a relative, is an architect based in Montreal. He is a McGill grad. I dug up one his old papers from his student days at McGill. Title : Stein, Sam. Montreal Harbour Grain Elevators. Montreal: McGill University. School of Architecture, 1965.

    He was not in town when the Concours was announced,so I mailed him info about it, given his interest in the silos in 1965!

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