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Uncovering Rivière St Pierre during Nuit Blanche

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In the Spring of 2009, I found an entry point into a sewer that now contains a portion of the former creek known as Rivière Saint Pierre. The discovery led to the creation of, which I used to document my experiences exploring this particular sewer/creek and several others situated beneath the streets of Montreal. The Saint Pierre, once one of Montreal’s most important and prominent watercourses has essentially vanished from the visible urban landscape. Originally over 15 kms in length, today only a 225 meter-long section found within the confines of the Meadowbrook golf course in Cote St Luc remain visible from above ground.

This Saturday, Rivière St Pierre (and the sewers that now envelope it) will be the focus of a Nuit Blanche event occurring at two locations: DHC/ART and the organization’s new PHI Centre. Featuring my underground photography and videography, along with the work of sound artist, Samuel Thulin, “Lost Rivers: La Petite Rivière St Pierre” is a tribute of sorts to this river’s path, in both its past and present forms. Incorporating multiple projections, a multi-channel soundscape and an interactive mobile “audio walk”, the event is the first in a series of location-based exhibitions that will “virtually daylight” select Montreal rivers in relation to our four seasons.

For more details visit DHC/ART’s website. Visitors can download Samuel Thulin’s Lost Rivers music route for use with mobile devices on the night of the event at the DHC/ART venue or in advance via this link.



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