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  1. This is definitely a thorny issue. As much as I want to support a cause where the building will be revamped and requalified, we need to be cautious as to whom will acquire the heritage building and its surrounding lot. 

    That area of the city needs serious investment in regards to public space and community oriented development. There is a wide gap between downtown and the newly developed Notre-Dame area/Griffintown. This gap is partly due to massive demolition work that was mostly executed to make room for the Ville-Marie tunnel, as well as the closing of various industries and factories in the area. More over, the connectivity lacks in major ways, and the attractiveness of this particular square is not to be diminished in its value. 

    As we see a major redevelopment of the area, I believe the city has enough “green” (as in, dollars) to upkeep the soon to be defunct planetarium until new surrounding development pays off. As a matter of fact, residential and/or commercial development would most likely spring up if the city had a clear intent as to what will be done with the square. The taxes generated from nearby constructions could definitely rack up enough cash to renovate and rethink the square as what was done with square Victoria, place du Canada, etc. 

    At this point, the connectivity of the area is to weak to sell it back to private bodies. As it might be a burden for the city at the moment, the opportunity of the square lies in its privileged location, and its genius is only understated.

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