Coups de coeur : Coups de casseroles

After months of escalating clashes, violence, and arrests, Montrealers have taken the nightly protest into their own neighbourhoods. As the casseroles spreads across the city and province, I’ve come across a striking number of comments rejoicing at the sense of community in public spaces that has sprung up around the nightly ritual. For those who can’t experience it first-hand, this video captures the feeling of street-corners all around the city in these exceptional times.

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  1. Here’s the map of some of the places where people are out with their casseroles in Montreal and beyond! But there are definitely more casserole manifs that aren’t on the map…I’ve heard of casseroles in Hull, Gatineau, Abitibi and more!

  2. Communities don’t intimidate those of opposing views. There is no community in this movement, it is pure and simply mob rule

  3. @GDS: Hmmm… I love these latest protests. As the video shows, these latest protests are quite different: lots of students still, but also the whole neighbourhood with moms and pops and dogs and children. If that’s not community, I don’t know what is — perhaps not the people or the type of activity you want in YOUR community, but community none the less.

    As for being an intimidating unruly mob: did you actually watch the video?! I mean, you don’t have to agree with their politics nor participate, and my heart goes out to you if you’re trying to get home with ice-cream in your trunk and you’re blocked by such a crowd that shouldn’t be in the streets, but you must admit that it looks like a lot of fun or at least surprisingly calm compared to what the 6 o’clock news likes to show.

  4. @Tristou – you can’t look at the video as a static event. If it was simply one prostest, I can agree that those not interested, or against can deal with the minor irritation. This is no longer the case when it goes only for days, and now over a week. This is not the 20 minutes of pot banging, its hours of disruption in the essentially the same area over and over again. Those against these marches in these neighbourhoods have lost the tranquility of their homes. The movement may think it is festive and jovial, but now in actuality it is a mob. Of course those within don’t see anything wrong and frankly they don’t care, they value their opinions and needs selfishly. They can make all the claims that it is just noise and its fun and its peaceful but it reality it is an Orange walk that is taking place day after day after day. A community (neighbourhood in this case) is all inclusive and accommodating, nothing could be further from the truth here.

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