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  1. U de M campus or not, something really needs to be improved on that stretch of road. I bike it everyday to work and it’s total hell for bikes, pedestrians, buses, and cars alike. I remember a few years ago some urbanists came from Denmark to see how Montreal’s urban design held up, and this stretch of ave du Parc was used as an example of how much work is left to do.

    This is, I think, the first time I’ve really looked at the plans for the new campus since moving to Parc-Extension a little over a year ago and I’m disappointed to see that there aren’t more attempts to connect the neighbourhood with Outremont to the south. Parc-Extension is quite isolated with it’s very hard borders (train tracks, highways, and fences) and a connection with the south that isn’t ave du Parc would really benefit the residents, especially cyclists looking for an alternate route to the south.

  2. I agree with Chris that I would like to see a connection with the South from Beaumont at some point between Parc and Rockland.  We are truly hemmed in by the borders.  The route south is disgusting for pedestrians and could easily be made more attractive and less repellent.  I am not a cyclist (too fearful) but I feel for those who are as there are only two choices: to ride on the sidewalk or to chance it in dreadful traffic conditions.  UdeM seems to be going out of its way to shout loud and proud about their “Outremont” campus and is ignoring its close proximity to Park Ex.  While I understand the transformation of Northern Parc Avenue is the main task here, it’s important to keep everything else in our minds at the same time.  Lower Park Ex is about to either undergo a huge transformation or to be completely shut out of one.

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