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Capturing Montreal’s Condoscape

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ugly condosCondos on Duke Street

Montreal’s condo-scape is nothing if not controversial. When we aren’t scandalized by their audacity, we are outraged by the banality of condo design. Condo ads promising prestige, sophistication, comfort and urbanity, seem dissonant with the re-parcelling of old triplexes and industrial buildings into compact, corner-cutting designs. And on a daily basis, our experience of condos is often marked by disruptive construction sites that breed indignant graffiti in our neighbourhoods…

Spacing Montreal is teaming up with Groupe conseil Avenue 8 to delve into the meaning of condominiums in Montreal – both concrete and imagined. C = condo is part of the Canadian Centre for Architecture’s ABC : MTL event.

Join us on Saturday November 17th, for a treasure hunt through Montreal’s central and South-Western neighbourhoods to explore Montreal’s condoscape, both typical and surprising. This activity will be followed by a “fishbowl discussion” at the CCA. The event takes place from 1pm-4:30 pm. More info on the CCA’s website: C = condo.

In preparation for the event, we invite readers to share photos or comments that help capture the many dimensions and contradictions that mark Montreal’s contemporary condoscape. Submit photos to alanahheffez @, or tag them “c=condo” on flickr; or share your thoughts in the comments section below.

Fuck Condos graffiti



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