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Urban Planet: Cloud architecture hits Seoul Korea

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Known as The Cloud, these two hi-rise residential buildings are joined in the middle by a ten stories of apartments and spanning living areas. Designed by Rotterdam-based MVRDV, the towers reach 260 and 300 metres and will be built by 2015.

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  1. Que ce soit contestable au niveau architectural, admettons par contre que c’est pas mal flyé. Quand je vois tout ce qui se fait ailleurs et pas toujours dans les plus grandes ni les plus célèbres villes du monde, Montréal fait grandement pitié avec sa petite architecture plate à en mourir qui donne envie de vouloir être n’importe où ailleurs sauf ici. Ce qu’on a du retard ici! Mais c’est incroyable ce manque d’audace. S’il y avait une cathégorie pour classer les villes du monde les plus flyées pour leur architecture, je me demande où, vers la fin de la liste, se classerait Montréal.

  2. Montreal’s architecture and its engineering works are subject to one of the most cruel environments weatherwise in the world. Sculptural and excessive decorative detailing and articulated facades have always fared very badly where water on any surface near horizontal can turn to ice many times in a single day, let alone a few times a week or a month. The worst damage occurs on a sunny day with intermittent clouds that can cover the sun when the mean temperature is somewhat below zero C. Freezing rain and acid rain also do much damage. Almost all of the more articulated facades and elements that have ever been built here have thus perished. Our buildings that last are plain. They shed water quickly. Their facades in particular, are such that their wholes, and all of their elements vary their differential temperatures all together. The ‘cloud’ building illustrated above has a relatively short half life that would not last a long time here without a great deal of maintenance and repair.

    Look at all of our older buildings. Simplicity is their watchword.

  3. I thought that this building is being redesigned. A huge backlash erupted when this proposal was unveiled as the buildings appear to resemble the World Trade Center towers in NYC being hit by planes and collapsing. The architectural firm apologized for the rendering.

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