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Photo du Jour: Corner of rue Sainte Catherine and Drummond

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Corner of rue Ste Catherine and Drummond

Location: Corner of rue Sainte Catherine and Drummond

Date: April 1 2013

With many people still enjoying a long Easter weekend break, the streets downtown earlier this morning seemed particularly quiet – the rain likely kept many from venturing out early too.

This is the first post of what I hope to be daily postings of images taken around Montréal. If you want to see more images of Montréal, I run a photo blog called Montreal in Pictures, where you can find more shots taken over the last year or so.



  1. As a former long-time Montrealer I enjoy your photos, but I think it might help those of us who have been absent for any years if you would give the direction of your shot as in the above one of Ste Catherine and Drummond “looking in what direction?” north on Drummond, east or west along Ste Catherine? It would give some perspective on how the streetscape has changed over the last 30 years or so.

  2. Thanks Joan for the suggestion…I will tag future posts when I think it will help with orientation.

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