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Canadian Urbanism Uncovered


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  1. Belle photo.

    Those new terrasses, jutting out into the street, take up so much room that it is extremely hard to walk along the sidewalk during busy times. I was pushing my bicycle and it was almost impossible to get through, idem parents with strollers and disabled people in wheelchairs or other mobility devices. Sure, we like a lively terrasse scene, but streets like St-Denis have to be kept pedestrian-friendly and highly walkable.

    It is also sad to see so many places that had been independent restaurants, cafés and bars taken over by corporate megafood. The St-Hubert in the photo, and much worse, what had once been a lovely café-bar by the laneway (forget its name, it had the original woodwork of the house it had been, painted a delicate blue-green shade) becoming a McDo of all things.

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