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Cycling with style at Montréal Cycle Chic


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Photo by Yvonne Bambrick

We couldn’t have hoped for a more perfect evening for the Rendez-vous Montréal Cycle Chic 5 à 7. Having just arrived from Toronto on the 5pm train, I was quickly delivered to Les Brasseurs de Montréal where I learned that the weather here had been pretty terrible up until today – lucky me to visit Montreal on the cusp of summer, and for Féria du vélo de Montréal 2013!!

Launched by Vélo-Quebec in 2011, photo blog joined the growing international Cycle Chic movement, born  in Copenhagen. The blog collects images that feature local cyclists riding in style on their daily travels, and has helped to debunk the myth that special ‘cycling clothes’ are needed in order to ride a bike for transportation.  Not only can you wear whatever you like, you can have fun and make it chic!  And of course, Montrealers know a thing or two about style. Combine that with the best cycling infrastructure in Canada and you’ve got a fantastic cycling city.

See you in the bike lanes or at Tour de L’Ile this Sunday.

Photo and text by Yvonne Bambrick



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