Photo du jour: The underground city / Le RÉSO

Le RÉSO – Stratifications Pariétales by Christian Kiopini

Location: Le RÉSO – between Square Victoria and Palais des congrès

Date of photo: September 10 2013

Photographer: Martin New at Montreal in Pictures

The RÉSO was conceived in 1962 with the construction of Place Ville Marie. Through the years the underground city and the pedestrian tunnels that link the shopping centers, commercial and residential buildings and the downtown metro system has steadily grown to include 32km of tunnels and become one of the largest underground networks in the world.

My favorite section is one of the more modern additions (2003) to the network and links Square Victoria with the Palais des Congrès. One of the great features of this section of the underground city tunnels is that there are quite a few works of public art on display. A personal favorite is the art installation by Christian Kiopini called Stratifications Pariétales (3 Éléments) chambre Secrète – contreforts – Rayons (2002-2003).



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