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Photo du jour: Quai des Convoyeurs

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Quai des Convoyeurs

Location: Quai des Convoyeurs, Vieux Port

Date of photo: September 19 2013

Photographer: Martin New at Montreal in Pictures

The Conveyor Quay in the Old Port of Montreal is now open to the public after being restored.

The marine tower at the end of the quay – the last of its kind in the port of Montreal – was built in the mid-1950s and was used for unloading grain from boats to the grain elevators.  At the time, there were two marine towers on the Conveyor Quay.



  1. Looks great, except there are no benches and you can’t walk quite to the end.

    This tower isn’t the last of its kind. There are two more just like on the “south” side of Silo No 5. You can see them clearly in Google Maps.

  2. I agree, benches would be nice – maybe they plan to add some. Likewise, I hope that they will remove the fence so as to allow access to the end of the quay…but since the tower is deemed too unsafe to open to the public, they will need to find a way to prevent people climbing up it.

    You are right, there are 2 similar towers near Silo #5. The Vieux Port website however states this is the last of its kind, so maybe they function differently.

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