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  1. Love this. Did you have any conversations with the security people about taking photos there?

  2. Thank you Kate :-) I’ve never been approached by staff when taking pictures at the cemetery…have you experienced problems?

  3. Yes, I was approached by a security goon in a car a few autumns back and told I had no right to take photos there and had to leave. I was alone, on foot, with a small camera – no equipment or assistants or anything like that. The cemetery website says you need official permission, but they hadn’t bothered me before. Possibly just an over-enthusiastic individual.

  4. I guess I’ve been lucky. I understand needing permission if it is for a film, commercial or you have lots of equipment/assistants etc, but denying just taking pictures seems a bit over the top. I’ve never seen the website note – I’ll have to check it out. I’ve had grounds people pass me while I was taking pictures with a tripod and they didn’t mention anything. Hopefully, like you say, your experience was just an over-enthusiastic person.

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