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Photo du jour: John Young Monument

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John Young Monument

Location: Corner of rue Saint Pierre / rue Marguerite d’Youville

Date of photo: November 5 2013

Photographer: Martin New at Montreal in Pictures

The John Young Monument that was sculpted in 1895 by Louis-Philippe Hébert. Young (1811-1878) was born in Scotland and moved to Canada when he was 15.

Young became a successful businessman as the co-partner of an import/export and steamboat company and was a key driving force behind developing Montreal’s sea and rail transportation, including;

  • The deepening of the shipping channel in the St. Lawrence river east of Montreal
  • The construction of the Victoria Bridge
  • The development of canal systems
  • The construction of numerous railway lines

He became chairman of the Montreal Port Commission in 1853 and was a member of the Legislative Assembly of the Province of Canada and a member of Parliament of the House of Commons of Canada.

The monument was erected in 1908 and originally located in front of the port of Montreal. It was moved to the current location on rue Saint Pierre in 1997. The figure of Neptune at the base of the monument represents the Saint Lawrence River.



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