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  1. I think Starbucks has no business bombing one of the last bastions of local trade in Montreal. We love the market for the unique food shopping experience, mutual economic exchange between local farmers and Montreal citizens. Enough multinational businesses offer their wares in the city. We want local businesses period. If laws have to be changed feathers ruffled. So be it.

  2. There are lovely places to drink espresso at Jean Talon Market or in surrounding little iIaly, Starbucks is just not as good as a proper Italian beverage. I however see no reason to banish the brand as there is a tim hortons within 50 metres of the locale and consumers will vote with their feet.

  3. I’m divided on this. Starbucks at least tries to fit into their local surroundings more than other brands, They’ve opened “stealth” stores in Seattle that don’t have any of their branding in order to win over people who’d rather buy their coffee from “independent” coffee shops. I think starbucks branded not to look like a starbucks would piss me off more than just having one there in the first place. That being said they do a pretty good job with digital and with designing their stores to blend in locally:

  4. There is no reason to patronize the place. Even within the market (and both sides of la rue du Marché-du-Nord, which are technically “not part of the market” but the very name indicates that they have been part of the space for a very long time) there are independent cafés that are much better – and cheaper. I like the idea of guerrilla posting indicating alternatives!

    One initiative I really enjoy in our area is Place Shamrock, part of that street painted a russet colour and pedestrian only, with wooden porch-swing type tables and benches where I’ve seen people already enjoying the sunshine and a coffee or stronger libation (which is permitted or at least tolerated if accompanied by food). In warmer weather there are buskers and more organised events.

  5. The Starbucks is no more. Do hope another business opens there soon. There is a new café right next door: Caffe Parma.

    Place Shamrock is even prettier now, with beautiful tables and benches in climate-treated wood.

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