Free parking for non-residents to end in Plateau

The newly elected Projet-Montréal borough council in Le Plateau-Mont-Royal have indicated that they plan to phase out free parking... Read More

Photo du jour : Winter has begun!

Obligatory photo of the first snow of the winter. Ave de Chateaubriand at Rosemont. Read More

1ière avenue, part 4: Rosemont/St-Michel

Perhaps the recent launch of Google Street View for Canadian cities has made my trips to the many 1ière avenues of Montreal somewhat... Read More

And the winner is: Louise Harel!

If this were 2002 rather than 2009, Louise Harel might be spending this week looking more like the photo above (she’d be... Read More

La Course des Morts this week

The annual Course des Morts bike race is taking place once again this year on October 31st.  As usual, it’s open to anyone who... Read More

Google Street View launches across Canada today

 To the detriment of a great deal of work that needed to be done today, I was pleasantly surprised to find that Google Street View had... Read More

Metro to be expanded on three lines, eleven new stations to be built

The news broke yesterday before any announcement was made: the Metro will be expanding.  The news was later confirmed at a joint news... Read More

New park to be built on third summit of Mont-Royal

La Presse and The Gazette each reported this week that the city plans to begin the creation of a new park on the northern summit of... Read More

Photo du jour : Under the 40

Photo taken June 29, 2009. Read More

Photo du jour : rue Roullier

Photo taken April 11, 2009. Read More