Photo du Jour : Optical illusion balconies

The detailing on these balconies of a row of houses in Rosemont immediately caught my attention as I biked by.  They’re so... Read More

The parades of Clark & Mont-Royal

My new Job, which just ended about half an hour ago, has kept me cooped up in an office on the corner of Mont-Royal and Clark for the... Read More

1ière avenue, part 3: Lachine

Continuing our tour of Montreal’s 1ière avenues, we find ourselves on Lachine’s tiny “1 Avenue” (as the street... Read More

Plateau-Mont-Royal borough releases traffic-calming plan

As part of the city’s Plan de transport, an ambitious set of guidelines designed to decrease the number of cars on city streets... Read More

Photo du jour: Temporaiement défecteux

Dirt, grime, leaking water, silverfish, and stalactites are just a few of the wonderful things that can be found in the Guy-Concordia... Read More

New City Gas Co. building threatened by bus corridor proposal/Bonaventure redevelopment

The plan to tear down the Bonaventure Expressway in favour of an “urban boulevard” (with four lanes going both ways)... Read More

Photo du jour: Westmount newspaper Man

Newspaper boxes may be illegal in Montreal but, being a separate municipality, Westmount has them all over the place.  Good luck... Read More

Devimco scrapping project unless city pitches in, expropriation orders lifted

The bad news for Devimco’s proposed 1.3 billion dollar redevelopment keeps piling up with last week possibly being the tipping... Read More

Photo du jour: Complexe Desjardins

Darling Foundry graffiti

Awhile ago, I wrote about some of the odd things surrounding the Darling Foundry on Ottawa Street in Griffintown.  Along with being an... Read More