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Montreal mashup

This short animation, created by Sylvie Trouvé as part of the NFB’s Hothouse series, remixes the Montreal landscape according to... Read More

City chops down 67 crabapple trees

The city has axed 67 crabapple trees in a small square, Place Albert-Duquesne, behind Place des Arts. The trees, which were planted... Read More

Le métro en Lego

Bit late to the game with this one (Fagstein wrote about it a month ago) but it’s still cool: Préfontaine metro station made... Read More

Montreal’s shoebox/hobbit houses

I’ve always been curious about the flat-roofed one-storey houses that are sprinkled throughout many of Montreal’s... Read More

Louise Harel for mayor?

For the past year or so, it has been taken for granted that this year’s race for mayor will pit Gérald Tremblay against Benoît... Read More

Opening up the Oratory’s view

It’s the thrill of discovering a new perspective on what you see everyday: that’s why I have such a thirst for finding new... Read More

Montreal’s new hypothetical airport train station

The shell of a train station is finally taking shape underneath Trudeau Airport — but, unless the federal and provincial... Read More

City set to abandon anti-mask law project

In a wise move, the city seems as though it is about to give up its push to ban face masks at demonstrations. La Presse reports... Read More

Photo du jour: Think before you tag

In a laneway near Groll and St-Urbain, Mile End. June 9, 2008 Read More

“Neighbourhood” consultations

Eagle-eyed Fagstein makes an interesting point about community consultations in Montreal: in some cases they aren’t held... Read More