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Canadian Urbanism Uncovered

019: Permits, transit hubs, and homeless outreach

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This episode of Spacing Radio continues with our look at the Rules of the city (to complement the release of our new magazine issue) as producer Mieke Anderson examines the arcane permit process in Toronto. Reporter Sarah Bridge sits down with internationally renown architect Jack Diamond to discuss the success and failures of renovating Toronto’s Union Station. And Montreal correspondent Adam Bemma explores the Berri Square, one of the city’s most socially challenged neighbourhoods.

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photo by Miles Storey



  1. Great episode!
    Does anyone know if there are any photos or plans for the kiboshed Diamond + Schmitt Union Station plans anywhere online? I would love to see them.

  2. Too bad that Jack Diamond’s plan for Union Station didn’t happen. He’s right about the lack of courage and vision from our government leaders. What’s wrong with these people? Don’t people know that if you build it, they will come… tourists, commuters, office workers.