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G20 SPECIAL: Everyone has a story to tell

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Ever since the G20, Toronto’s public spaces have felt different. Something has changed.

All this week, Spacing Radio will be taking a closer look at the G20 Summit and its impact on the public realm. But we’re not just looking back on that weekend, we’re looking forward. Each day we’ll be focusing on a particular debate: from the role of the police; to the extent of our civil liberties; to how much power the federal government should wield over our cities.

Today, a few stories to get you thinking (and all riled up)! Stay tuned.


One comment

  1. I don’t want to wine either but although the G20 is over it is NOT over yet until those in command answer our questions. Swift has a point but we must never let this go, anyone has the right to go downtown at anytime and whether it is curiosity or if they want to protest they should be allowed to do it. I was there and nothing happened to me, if they asked me to move back, I did but many did not, that was wrong by those citizens and the actions of the police were wrong in many cases. But we all must get answers not the “stock answers” we are receiving. Because you know Swift, it may be you tomorrow or next week.

    @dandmb50 – We must not become complacent and give up our Charter rights, ever, it’s a slippery slop.

    Many people think the G20 is over and just forget about it and let it go. But we must NOT.
    How does the story go .. The military came forward and shut down the Jew that was peacefully protesting and arrested him, then they got away with it, so they came and took away the Christian for peacefully preaching on the street, arrested and took him away and nobody said anything. Then they came for me, and I wish I had spoken up earlier when they took away the Jew and the Christian. We better all wake up and not let this happen to any of us because we may end up in Torontonomo Bay (Detention Centre) I bet it’s still open.

    Daniel .. Toronto