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Spacing launches second set of Montreal Metro buttons/magnets


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Our second set of Spacing Montreal Metro buttons and magnets are finally here!

We’ve added 19 more stations to our line of Montreal Metro designs. They are currently being offered as a stand alone set so if you already own our first batch of buttons or magnets won’t have to worry about getting doubles.

The stations in this set are: Angrignon, Beaudry, Cadillac, Charlevoix, De L’eglise, Frontenac, Honore-Beaugrand, Jolicoeur, Joliette, Langelier, Lasalle, L’Assomption, Monk, Papineau, Pie-Ix, Prefontaine, Radisson, Verdun, and Viau.

Purchase the new one-inch button/macaron set here
Purchase the new one-inch magnet/aimant set here

If you haven’t already picked up a set of our first set of Metro designs, now is your chance! If you purchase both sets of the buttons or magnets, you can use the following promo codes* to save 15% off the first set!

MTLbuttons – 15% off our 25-button set
MTLmagnets – 15% off our 25-magnet set

*Please note: Only one promo code can be entered per purchase. You will be asked for the promo code on the final stage of checkout, when selecting shipping. Displayed price will not change until after the promo code has been entered. When ordering, please be mindful that you are ordering the correct item. See our shipping standard page for more information.



  1. Lovely to see more Montreal Metro magnets, but why isn’t the Blue Line represented AT ALL?
    Especially when it is, I think, the most culturally diverse of all the lines… are there plans for a third set?

  2. @Taien — we have plans to do the entire Metro line. It takes a lot of time to create these designs (they are done by hand, not just photos) and we plan to roll them out over the course of a few sets.

  3. I have several from the first set – gifted many to friends, etc.

    But I admit I stopped wearing them as the STM slowly revealed itself to be a politically backwards and rather bigoted organization. I can’t even bring myself to ride the metro anymore, much less support it on my lapel.

    When the STM starts behaving like a proper municipal transit agency (open to *all* riders!) I’ll start wearing my buttons again.

    Sorry, guys.

  4. Can’t use the promo code for 1 or 2 sets of magnets…
    “The discount does not meet the requirements set by the shop for this checkout”
    Please advise. Thx

  5. @Sebastien, it’s working fine on our end, please email us at with more details on each step you’re taking and we can troubleshoot.