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New Merchandise: Hand-drawn Toronto postcard sets


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Spacing has always used our merchandise as an important fundraising tool for the magazine — it helps to keep our ad content low, and editorial content high. Now we are teaming up with a number of independent Canadia designers to showcase and sell their work through our e-store. Over the next week we’ll be highlighting these new products as they become available to purchase online. If you or someone you know creates interesting urbanism- or Canadian city–themed products and would like to sell them through Spacing, email us at

Inspired by the uniquely messy, commercial, offbeat look and feel of Toronto’s architecture, Toronto artist Erica Brisson’s Local Colour project is an ongoing series of over 50 delicate line drawings of Toronto landmarks printed as postcards.

These postcard sets feature highlights from the series with locations ranging from the universally-known CN Tower to idiosyncratic commercial signage. The 5”x7” postcards come in sets of 6 and are perfect for posting on your wall or sending to friends and loved ones.

Set 1 includes: the CN Tower, Scadding Court Community Centre, an Eglinton and Bathurst apartment block, a Cliffside, Scarborough retail strip, Honest Eds, and a classic downtown west end house.

Set 2 includes: a Chinatown signscape, a Kensington market alleyway, the Metro Theatre, a typical downtown west end facade, retail signage from Lawrence West and the Allen Road, and Dupont Subway Station.