WWW: New urban food innovations from around the world


Alternatives to urban food waste

How cities are implementing creative solutions to reduce and reuse the excessive quantity of food waste amassed by households and retailers.

The rise of online grocery shopping

Supermarkets are becoming a way of the past as the industry transitions towards a virtual experience for on-demand consumption.

Reducing restaurant food waste one app at a time  

A new app created enables diners to purchase leftover food from restaurants at a discount price, reducing food waste while providing a new, more affordable dining option.

photo courtesy of Mashable

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  1. Those are some great links, Sarah, Thanks for sharing.

    Today and tomorrow first ministers are meeting in Ottawa to sign a climate change plan which includes policies to reduce food waste in Canada. The food waste policies are part of the “Working Group on Specific Mitigation Opportunities” More details can be found here: http://www.climatechange.gc.ca/default.asp?lang=En&n=64778DD5-1

    Development seems to be eating a lot of food & farm land too recently. It might mean there is less food to eat in our City (so I guess the cup-half-full perspective would be that there’s less local food that can be wasted in Ottawa?) ;) We wrote a bit about it on our website and included some ‘time-lapse’ videos: http://ottawa.hiddenharvest.ca/featured/eating-ottawas-forests-and-farmland/

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