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Six steps to better memory: Lansdowne digest by Apartment 613

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-Editors note: Our colleagues at Apartment 613 will be guest blogging on Spacing Ottawa every Wednesday; the following is the first post in this series.

As guest bloggers for Spacing once a week, we thought that it would be prudent, given what has transpired with a certain large piece of city-owned land lately, to compile the observations our writers have made on the debate that has polarized viewpoints across the region.

Lansdowne Park is the spark that has lit up a Hindenburg-sized blimp of public opinion on how choices about the city are made and who should decide these outcomes. From power-driven city councilors, to concerned citizens, to sports fans, to eager developers (and everyone in between), it is clear that the people of the City of Ottawa are craving something new and exciting to revamp, revitalize and reclaim an area of our beautiful city centre.

While some of the decisions have been made, there are many fine details that have yet to be fully realized. As such, the final outcome of this endeavour will come down to negotiation, patience and a true understanding of what is best for this city and its residents. It is clear that no one plan will satisfy every stakeholder and compromises will have to be made. However, as someone once declared “compromise is the art of dividing a cake in such a way that everyone believes he has the biggest piece.” The hope is that such a cake has plenty of icing and a slice for everyone.

We’ve worked to stay on top of this issue over the past months, and as our contribution to the broader context around the debate, we’d  like to offer you some of the highlights of our coverage, as previously posted on Apartment613.

·         News review from November 22nd – Decision time for Lansdowne:

·         Just The Facts: What’s The Deal With The Lansdowne Vote? (November 20,2009)

·         Curious about the Lansdowne Rally? – video post

·         Just the Facts – What’s the deal with Lansdowne? ( November 11, 2009)

·         News review from November 8:  Lansdowne Live (again)

·         We speak to power: Apartment613 Feature Interview with Clive Doucet

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  1. Talk of the current proposal puts the cart before the horse.

    The procurement process has not been followed and the opinion of its legality is just that; an opinion and is before the court.

    A court of law will decide the matter sometime in Summer or Autumn 2010. The matter has been accepted at the Superior Court of Ontario and is awaiting scheduling.

    A Trust has been set up for legal expenses only for those who wish to support this application of Judicial Review and accompanying Injunction Motion.

    Those who wish to contribute to the Fund may find details at