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The day they blew the south side up

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Spacing Ottawa was launched a year after this demolition took place, so we couldn’t link to this video when it was first uploaded — but we were reminded of it by Citizen writer Ken Gray’s recent link to Doucet’s video effort, looking back at what the Lansdowne used to be like for generations of Ottawans.

Clive Doucet knows how to make a good video; this one has a personal and nostalgic tone before honing in on a serious message.

The video above though? It’s just blowing stuff up. The demolition team try for a “blast-off” – style countdown, but to the credit of those watching, there were no cheers.


One comment

  1. Speaking for myself:

    I remember the last time my parents and I went to a game together. It was a Roughriders-Renegades game, and I’d bought the tickets as a belated wedding anniversary present if memory serves. By Christmas that year, we’d finally lost my father.

    Our seats were in the old south side stands.

    I still want to see the CFL back in that venue. And, if possible, a pro soccer team as well for those of my neighbours in Ottawa who want it. I know there’s a lot of neighbours who do.

    Mr. Doucet’s concerns about sole-source deals, however, continue to be well-taken.