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Bronson road diet – the video

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The struggle to put Bronson Avenue on a road diet instead of rebuilding it with wider car lanes is ramping up, with a community meeting scheduled for this upcoming Wednesday at the McNabb Centre on Percy at 7.00 PM.

You can plug in to the fight for pedestrian-friendly Bronson at or follow their twitter feed at @rescuebronson; meanwhile for a succinct overview of what is at stake this post from the Dalhousie Community Association is great place to start.

Also, over the weekend the Rescue Bronson team created an online petition; it can be signed here.



  1. A curiously effective short video.

    The idea that really sticks and that makes total sense, once I thought about it: building more lanes increases traffic.

    I suspect it’s like being promoted to a person’s incompetence level.

    We expand roads until we can no longer expand them. Net result: congested, unsafe, and inhospitable roads.