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Time-lapse drive through Ottawa


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It’s not our favourite mode of transport and house soundtrack gets a little wobbly in spots, but this “35 kilometers in 4 minutes” time-lapse drive, because it sticks to arterial roads and avoids the homogeneity of the Queensway, does manage to capture a lot of Ottawa’s built form with breathtaking, dizzy-making speed. Red lights are a particular thrill – you’ll see why – and they actually had one viewer we know pitching forward in his desk chair as he watched it on a 27 inch monitor.



  1. It’s not dated, but it shows both the old Ikarus articulated buses and the new New Flyer ones, so it must have been around 2000-2001. It also shows the old alignment of the Ottawa River Parkway through Lebreton Flats, before it was straightened out to make room for the War Museum.

    Everything else is foreign to me; I didn’t have a clue where it was until it got to Montreal Road or so.