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WALKSPACE: Drowning the Good Neighbour

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The weather was atrocious. Mind you, the design of our streets doesn’t help. Our carefully engineered sidewalks deliver the wetfoot experience to every pedestrian. Motorists are not ignored. Here are two of the puddles on Booth. Note the splash zone includes all of the sidewalk.

First, the Good Neighbour comes out with a shovel to uncover the catch basin:

As vehicles approach, he waves the shovel, signaling drivers to slow down. But do they? Let’s see now…


Nahh, whatever the trip, it’s too important to slow down. The spray doesn’t go any higher than his knees, anyway.

But does our good neighbor give up? No, he stays around for more:

Mind, it’s his house on the right of the picture, and maybe he got tired of the splashing all over his living room windows.

Who ever goes out on those dreadful wet days deserves every pedestrian’s prayer of thanks for their collective efforts to make the world a little bit safer for others.


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