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Urban Planet Weird Wednesday: British zombies invade a suburban mall

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Weird Wednesdays on Urban Planet takes a look at obscure, absurd, and curious things about cities around the world.

It’s becoming clear that the Zombies Apocalypse scene has begun to… ahem, rise out of it’s cult roots and challenge vampires as the monster-du-jour of pop culture. In the recent years, the zombie hordes have broken out of the confines of B-movies and video games and into successful comics, tv shows, books, and even classic literature. Beyond that, there’s a huge movement in more local, community-based events and projects like zombie walks or ZED.TO, which add a whole new level of participation outside of media consumption.

…And if you really want to live out your dreams (nightmares?) as a Z-day survivor,  you can head to England where, for under $200, you can have your own Dawn of the Dead experience.

Known as The Mall, the British company Zed Events has taken over an abandoned shopping mall outside of London and unleashed a horde of “professional” zombies on groups of survivors every weekend in three-hour sessions.

If Dawn of the Dead isn’t your ideal zombie apocalypse, they also have The Manor, more of a Resident Evil-style setting.

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illustration by Stephen Lanoue