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Across the Ottawa Spaces – 25 November 2012

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Among other items of interest this week:

CBC Ottawa reports that the former CFB Rockcliffe seems to be the continuing target of looting as it awaits redevelopment. On a related note, Canada Lands Corporation, the crown arm responsible for the redevelopment project, is organizing an “Ideas Fair” to get community input from the former airbase’s neighbours about the future of the former airbase.

Eric Darwin reports on the latest development – so to speak – in a phenomenon he’s nicknamed “Condo-Mania on Carling!” Eric also follows up on a bit of hidden Lebreton Flats history regarding the old brewery rail tunnel legends as reported by Ian MacLeod for the Ottawa Citizen.

Another Citizen reporter, Kelly Egan, notes the latest developments in the efforts to settle the parking issues of patients and visitors to the Ottawa Hospital, particularly at the Civic Campus. In fact, it’s gotten to the point where Hospital management are considering a new Civic Campus!

Over at the OrlĂ©ans EMC, Michelle Nash covered the Overbrook community’s opinion on the long-debated placement of a new interprovincial bridge in Ottawa’s eastern reaches.

As for local infrastructure for Ottawa’s dogs, that has received a setback: according to a CBC report, a trial project that introduced special waste bins for dog-walkers taking care of their dogs’ business in select Ottawa parks has been cancelled by city staff.